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January Specials

Happy New Year!

  • All regularly full-priced teas and puers are 20% off this month.
  • This discount does not apply to items that are already 25-70% off.
  • The discount will be applied to your order when you check out. Thank you!


Seven Cups Denver Tea House

Welcome to Seven Cups, Denver’s first and only Chinese tea house, serving high-quality loose-leaf teas.  Located on the southern end of Old South Pearl Street, we aim to introduce Denver to premium teas and traditional Chinese tea culture.  Here at Seven Cups, we are passionate about tea and eager to share our knowledge with you.  All of our teas have been personally sourced from tea farmers in China, and most of our teas are organically grown.

At Seven Cups, we believe you have a right to know what’s in your cup. We’ve built our business on sourcing great tea and creating a market for it outside of China. To do this, we focus on the tea and the story behind it.

We’ve searched the Chinese countryside, gathering vital information about each of the 90 teas we source, and developing personal relationships with each of our producers. Seven Cups devotes a great deal of time to this.  Our goal is to pass on to you the best tea China has to offer along with the knowledge and culture that goes with it.

Please take a look at a video that shows you some what we have to offer:

Our services include:

  • Tea by the pot: Sit down and enjoy a pot of tea for however long you’d like to stay.  With many of our teas, you can get more than five infusions, so if you keep emptying your pot, we’ll keep refilling it for you.
  • Bulk tea to go: All of our teas are available in prepackaged, ready-to-go bags.  We also have sampler packs and 10 gram samples of selected teas, a great way to dive into the different types of tea.
  • Traditional Chinese tea ceremonies: The three different ceremonies we offer are a Gaiwan or green tea ceremony, a Gong Fu or oolong tea ceremony, and a puer tea ceremony.
  • A Taste of China: This service offers larger groups a great opportunity to try a variety of teas and sweets.  This is wonderful for baby showers, birthdays, and celebrations.
  • Teapots, cups, and accessories: We have a variety of tea wares for sale, including an extensive line of hand-crafted yixing tea pots.
  • Free tea tastings: Click here for more information about and the schedule for our weekly tastings.
  • Savory and sweet snacks: Our food menu includes a number of snacks including ice cream, cookies, dumplings, mochi, steamed buns, wasabi peas, and a number of other things to satisfy your appetite.

And much more….

We look forward to sharing a cup of tea with you. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

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