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Zen and the Art of Tea

Come join us for the first talk in Seven Cups’ new speaker series.  Tea specialist Judy Williams will be presenting “Zen and the Art of Tea” on Wednesday, January 21, at 7:00 p.m.  Come learn about the history between tea and meditation.  The talk will include a Gong Fu Cha tea ceremony.  Space is limited so reserve your seat soon.

When: Wednesday, January 21

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Place: Seven Cups Teahouse

Cost: $15 per person; $5 deposit required to hold your seat.

Seven Cups Featured on 9 News

On Thursday, Dec. 18, we had the privilege of being featured on 9 News’ Entertainment block.  In the clip there’s a few minutes of other stuff to get through before you reach the part about us.  It’s a nice little feature and we’re thankful to have been chosen.

The Seven Cups coverage starts around the 3 minute mark in the video. Let us know what you think:

Tea Tasting at Brushstrokes Studio and Gallery

Seven Cups will be serving tea at a local gallery’s holiday party.  On Friday and Saturday, Nov. 21 and 22, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Brushstrokes Studio and Gallery will be hosting their annual party.  Come sip tea while perusing the gallery’s newest original art, note cards, 2009 calendars, tile products, and giclee prints.  This will be a fun way to kick off the shopping season.  Please note that we will still be having our usual free Friday afternoon tea tasting at the teahouse, so come and taste a number of different teas and a couple different locations.  See you there.

Recent Article on the University of Denver’s Website

My alma mater, the University of Denver, recently did an article on me and the teahouse.  To take a look at it, click here.  I bet you didn’t know that I used to work with sex offenders.  Well, now you do, for better or worse.  Enjoy.

2008 Da Hong Pao Has Arrived and is Delicious!

I can’t help but post about how delicious the new Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) is.  We did a taste test against the 2007 and while the older Da Hong Pao is certainly a delicious tea, the new one blew my mind.  It is filled with complexities, nuances, subtleties, and plenty of flavor.  There is a very nice dried date flavor along with a sweet roast taste that hangs on the tongue for what seemed like hours afterwards.  And with an yixing pot, we got about ten steepings out of it.  This is a tea that is not to be missed.  I know we just did Da Hong Pao at a Friday tasting in September, but I think we’re going to compare the two different years at another tasting in November.  Check the schedule for exactly when.  Or just get in and buy a pot.  You will not be disappointed!

Puer Tea Tasting Group at Seven Cups

We are beginning a puer tea tasting group at Seven Cups in the near future.  You can find out all the details here at the meetup.com website.  This will be a fun, interactive way for all of us to develop our palette for puer.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.  Space is limited so sign up now.

Second Place on 7 News’ A-List

Thanks to all of you who voted for Seven Cups on 7 News’ A-List.  We got second place for the teahouse category, second only to Boulder’s Dushanbe.  Not bad for a teahouse that’s only been open a few months.  Thank you for taking the time to vote for us.  Next year we hope to topple Dushanbe and take number one!

Our Grand Opening was a big success!

Thank you to all of you who made our grand opening such an amazing event.  I can’t guess how many people were actually here throughout the night.  I do know that at the beginning, during the lion dance, the main room was packed with people plugging their ears at the LOUD drumming!  Despite having lived in China for a couple years, this was actually the first lion dance I had witnessed and I loved every minute of it.  Below are some pictures of the entire event.

Seven Cups Article at World Tea News

We have been honored with an article at the World Tea News website, focusing on our current Olympics promotion.  Feel free to take a look at it here.  And check out the rest of their website for a lot of great information and news on teas around the world.

Note from Qigong Scholar Ken Cohen

I just received this email from my taijiquan and qigong teacher Ken Cohen, and thought I would pass it on. We hope to have him give a talk someday at the teahouse, as he is also quite the expert on tea. Thank you Ken!

Congratulations on the beautiful website and the opening of your glorious place of culture and taste! Cha Chan Yi Wei– Tea and Zen are one taste; that is, tea quiets the mind like meditation.

From Mountains and Rivers,

Ken Cohen
Author of The Way of Qigong (Ballantine Books)

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