Our Promise

Seven Cups offers more than 90 varieties of fine Chinese tea, sourced directly from Chinese tea masters. Austin and Zhuping spend nearly 3 months every year in China hand selecting our teas. These teas are available for distribution across America and throughout the world. Today our customers hail from every corner of the globe — even China. To ensure that 100% of the quality makes it from Chinese tea gardens into your cup, we seal our teas in tough, resealable foil-fresh pouches that block sunlight and moisture, and protect the tea during shipping.

Our personal relationships with our producers and consumers set us apart from other tea companies. We insist on the very best Chinese tea, and have absolute confidence in the quality of our products.

The Seven Cups Customer Promise

Such is the confidence we have in the fine quality of our teas, and in the quality of the people who grow, harvest, process, ship, pack and distribute our products, we are proud to be able to offer customers the following promise:

Our Promise to consumers of Seven Cups teas

We promise to find the very best green, white, black, oolong, scented and puer teas from China and offer them to the international market for the lowest prices possible.

Having personally overseen the selection of teas and the certification of the farms, we at Seven Cups are 100% confident in the quality and taste of our fine Chinese teas. So much so that if you can find any like teas regularly on sale in America that you genuinely consider to be of a comparable or higher quality, and offered at a lower price to the corresponding Seven Cups brand, we will refund you in full for your purchase of Seven Cups teas, and even allow you to keep the tea! We know that our tea is of unrivalled quality and is at an unbeatable price, and we are prepared to put that to the test with this full guarantee. This money back guarantee has always accompanied Seven Cups teas, and to date, we have never had any returned!

Fair Trade and Environmental Promises

We are equally committed to protecting the environment, and the welfare of every person involved in the production of our teas:

Our Promise to tea growers and pickers

All of our products are produced on farms where all workers enjoy good working conditions, fair wages and an equitable workplace.

At Seven Cups we promise that we will only source our teas from farms that continually meet all of our stringent fair trade criteria. We are a company with a conscience; a company that is dedicated to the welfare and rights of every person involved in the production of our teas.

Our Promise to protect the Chinese environment

We promise that natural habitats on our farms will not be unnecessarily interfered with, and the environment will remain clean and unspoilt.

Environmental concerns are equally high on our agenda, and our farms all surpass required environmental standards. Most of our tea is produced organically; it is pollution-free, utterly natural, and no man-made chemo-synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, plant growth regulators, or chemical food additives are used.

Thank you for your interest in Seven Cups!

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