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    October Speaker Series: Chinese Ghost Stories

    When your neighbor is possessed by a fox spirit, who you gonna call?  The Daoist ghostbuster, of course.  Chinese folklore is full of monsters: shapeshifting animals, hopping corpses, and stranger creatures.  Tonight we’ll discuss Hell Month and the Ghost Festival, Pu Songling’s Tales from the Liaozhai, spirit weddings, Daoist exorcism, paper talismans, peachwood swords, and the mysterious hopping corpses of Xiāngxi.

    Join us for a fun night of spooky stories and a glimpse at another culture’s spirit world.  Some subject matter may not be appropriate for small children.  M.H. Boroson studied Asian religions at Naropa.  Recently he spent two years researching Chinese ghost stories for his book, City of Strangers.

    The talk happens on Wednesday October 19th at 7 PM.  The cost is free for humans; ghosts have to pay $25.

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